About me

Hi, everyone!

I’m Weixuan XIAO, with the nickname: Inoki, sometimes Inokinoki is used to avoid duplicated username.

I’m glad to be selected in Google Summer of Code 2019 to work for KDE Community to make KDE Connect work on macOS. And I’m willing to be a long-term contributor in KDE Community.

As a Chinese student, I’m studying in France for my engineering degree. At the same time, I’m waiting for my bachelor degree at Shanghai University.

I major in Real-Time System and Embedded Engineering. With strong interests in Operating System and Computer Architecture, I like playing with small devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, different systems like macOS and Linux(especially Manjaro with KDE, they are the best partner).

Japanese culture makes me crazy, for example, the animation and the game. Even my nickname is actually the pronunciation of my real name in Japanese. So if all of these is the choice of Steins Gate, I’ll normally accept them :)

I speak Chinese, French, English, and a little Japanese. But I realize that my English is awful. So if I make any mistake, please tell me. This would improve my English and I will appreciate it.

I hope we can have a good summer in 2019. And have some good codes :)